One Stop Shop For E-Payment Solutions

A Division of Khaleefa Bin Butti Omair Group & Infinite Investment LLC

One Prepay was established as an ESP to commercialize Electronic Distribution Technology through a network of point of sales (POSs) using the best technologies available in the international market and in cooperation with many technology providers; “Vendtek System Canada” being our main technology provider and “PAX” being our main POS hardware supplier. We have adopted a rapid evolution within the prepaid services industry whereby initial purchase and replenishment are handled electronically rather than through cumbersome scratch cards. One Prepay’s fully electronic solution is compact, fast and designed to be easy to use for most growing economies countries just the same as third world countries with the same quality of services.

Our solution eliminates a big percentage of the administrative charges, warehousing and distribution expenses for telecom operations and any other business or government entity that markets and delivers prepaid solutions and products for end users. From a different point of view, the need for warehousing and stocking at a retailer shop has to purchase and manage an inventory of prepaid products is very costly (theft, hiring salesmen, transportation cost etc….) and this is where our solution comes handly.

The POS terminals we utilize are simple to operate and highly reliable electronics transaction devices that need minimum maintenance; they come sleek, compact, coloured buttons and stand-alone and could operate in Multilanguage. One Prepay intervenes at the manufacturer end in order to customize the part of the POSs according to the country’s condition; these terminals allow for rapid implementation into stores and enable retailer to generate revenue immediately with a minimal capital invested.

Other Subsidiaries

- One Prepay KSA

- One Prepay Sri Lanka